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At Bailey & Glasser, LLP, we understand how devastating it is to be diagnosed with mesothelioma. We know that you may have a lot of unanswered questions during this difficult time. We are here for you and your family. Our D.C. mesothelioma attorneys have years of experience in this practice area. We can provide a wealth of information about mesothelioma and other diseases connected to asbestos exposure, as well as legal resources and representation to those who have been affected. Call (866) 871-7971 to get help today.

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  • Clients trust us with their most challenging mesothelioma cases and legal issues nationwide. We have obtained over $90 million in case results for past mesothelioma clients.
  • We engage in frequent communication with our clients during mesothelioma cases. We will guide you through the legal process from start to finish and never leave you in the dark.
  • Our D.C. mesothelioma attorneys are not afraid of going up against any defendant, including powerful businesses, corporations, insurance companies, manufacturers and property owners.

Why You Need to Hire a Mesothelioma Attorney in D.C.

Pursuing financial compensation for a mesothelioma diagnosis is not something you have to – or should – do alone. Insurance companies are notorious for taking advantage of clients and rejecting valid claims. This makes it difficult for victims to achieve positive case results. A D.C. mesothelioma attorney can help you build your case and prove that you or a loved one would not have mesothelioma were it not for the acts or omissions of the defendant.

A lawyer can collect evidence, hire mesothelioma experts and take other steps to support your claim on your behalf. Your attorney can also guide you toward the best route to pursue financial compensation, whether this is a personal injury lawsuit or a workers’ compensation claim. Throughout the legal process, you can trust your attorney to give you honest advice and answers to your questions.

About Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that is caused by a victim’s exposure to asbestos. Asbestos refers to a group of naturally occurring minerals that are dangerous to ingest or inhale. According to the National Cancer Institute, being exposed to any level or amount of asbestos could result in mesothelioma and other health problems. This includes asbestosis, lung cancer and other types of cancers.

Asbestos causes mesothelioma by fibers getting lodged in the inner tissues of the body and causing inflammation and irritation over the years. Eventually, the scar tissue caused can turn into cancerous tumors. The most common type of mesothelioma is pleural mesothelioma, which is located in the pleura, or the protective membrane that covers the lungs. Mesothelioma can also develop in the lining of the abdomen, the protective sac around the heart or the lining of the testes.

Sadly, mesothelioma is terminal. The average life expectancy at the time of diagnosis is 12 to 21 months with treatment, according to the National Library of Medicine. However, how long a patient lives depends on a variety of factors, including the stage of cancer at the time of diagnosis, overall health of the person affected, and the treatment options available. Treating mesothelioma may involve surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Asbestos-Containing Products

For many decades, asbestos was openly used to manufacture products, building materials and consumer goods. It was used for its fire-resistant properties, as well as its strength and durability. Asbestos was not publicly announced as a carcinogen (cancer-causing material) until 1987, when the International Agency for Research on Cancer published this information. At this point, asbestos had already been used in millions of products around the world.

Products today that may still contain asbestos include:

  • Construction materials
  • Roofing and flooring tiles
  • Insulation
  • Ductwork
  • Drywall
  • Glues and adhesives
  • Textured sprays
  • Fabrics
  • Cement
  • Furnaces
  • Auto parts

Buildings that were constructed prior to the 1980s may contain asbestos. This puts anyone who lives or works in these buildings at risk of mesothelioma. It is particularly dangerous when asbestos particles are disturbed, such as during renovation or demolition projects. This can put them into the air and run the risk of being inhaled. Employees who work in industries that deal with asbestos-containing materials should be protected with the proper gear and equipment to prevent mesothelioma.

How Common Is Mesothelioma in D.C.?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, from 2015 to 2019, 13 new cases of mesothelioma were recorded in the District of Columbia. In addition, 7 mesothelioma deaths occurred. On a national ranking, Washington, D.C. is at the bottom of the list in terms of the number of new mesothelioma cases annually.

Mesothelioma is still a significant health risk, however, for certain people in the district, such as those working in high-risk industries. These include construction workers, builders, firefighters, first responders, people who used to work in power plants or manufacturing facilities, and asbestos abatement professionals.

Diagnosed With Mesothelioma? You May Be Entitled to Financial Compensation

Victims of mesothelioma in Washington, D.C. may be eligible for financial compensation for their illnesses and related losses. Filing a claim for mesothelioma is possible when someone negligently exposes a victim to asbestos, such as in the workplace or via a product that contains asbestos. Examples include negligent employers, property owners, landlords and product manufacturers.

The financial compensation that may be available to you as a mesothelioma victim includes:

  • Past and future medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Lost capacity to earn in the future
  • Out-of-pocket costs and transportation
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress and mental anguish
  • Wrongful death damages, if applicable
  • Punitive damages, in some cases

Mesothelioma has a long latency period. On average, it takes 20-60+ years for exposure to asbestos to develop into mesothelioma. In the District of Columbia, the statute of limitations (legal time limit) to file a mesothelioma lawsuit is extended for people who were diagnosed many years after being exposed to asbestos. Contact a mesothelioma attorney to find out if you have a valid claim.

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Mesothelioma claims in D.C. can be challenging in many ways. Hiring an attorney from Bailey & Glasser, LLP can make things easier for you and your loved ones. We can provide the legal representation that you deserve and help you move forward with a claim for financial compensation. To find out if you have grounds for a mesothelioma lawsuit, contact one of our intake specialists to schedule a free consultation. Call (866) 871-7971 today.